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Natural born sistah

4 NaturalS hair retreat

w/Lisa E.


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Pocono Mountains

August 2023-TBD

Taking a stance for your natural hair, by ditching the wigs, weaves and relaxers to show off the natural you.

Become the Natural Born Sistah you were BORN to BE!

It's your Time...

..to eliminate any doubts you have in your mind about wanting to EMBRACE your natural hair.

Dominate the world together....

...while embracing your natural hair with confidence.

Spend 4 days and 3 nights in the Pocono Mountains where there is so much fun and adventure, while getting to know your hair and learning what it takes to maintain those beautiful strands with other 4 naturals.

The Hilltop Castle


Just Imagine...



Mind shifts can be easily created in new places. If you feel the need to make changes in the way your mind is set to think when it comes to your natural hair, you won't think about that here.



See how your body works with the mind to create a healthy environment that allows your natural hair to thrive, all through good nutrition.



Your hair is your crown. Imagine leaving the Retreat on Sunday afternoon with a new outlook on your hair that you've never felt before.



Shopping, Wine Tasting, ATV riding and more. Having fun is the next best thing to do, once you've accomplished your hair goals. Celebrate with fun!



Is what this retreat is all about. Take confidence home with you after the retreat and rock that natura hair in confidence.



Getting the support from your host, professionals and your co-participants who share that one common goal of embracing your 4 natural hair with confidence.

How You'll Learn

Imagine, getting all the tools you need to survive the natural hair game all in one place all in 4 days in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. Our teachings here at Natural Born Sistah is all about the "Touch & Feel Method". No more virtual hair fixes or product pushes, but more of the mind shifts and hair analysis . It's real hair here, in real life and here is how the natural hair game is going DOWN!..

Setting the Stage - Tons of research and much effort has been implemented for this 4 day 4 natural retreat. We've hand picked our experts and interviewed them one by one to get the what we need to make you feel right at home and go home with results you deserve for you your hair and your life. So be READY to be AMAZED!

Self Discovery - Imagine we bring out of you everything you did not think you have. To ability to discover new ideas and new ways of identifying what your expectations are when it comes to your 4 natural hair. This is a fantastic experience.

The Hair and Scalp Analysis - Your hair and scalp is an important piece to your journey in embracing your natural hair. Whether you have been embracing your hair or not, it is important to know the things that can keep you from moving forward like growth, breakage, thinning and more. Get a 1st step on knowing your scalp and what it's doing so you can be ahead and do what you need to prevent issues that will stump your journey.

The Natural Born Sistah Retreat Is The Answer To Embracing Your Natural Hair, Flawlessly.

A 4 Day Weekend Retreat that allows you to explore New Life, New Vision, New You.

Learn How To...

  • Embrace your natural hair with confidence and know all there is to know about your own unique hair through custom made for you analysis.
  • Use the right products that's best for your hair and scalp. I promise you, you've never had treatment like this before. Not even from your steady hairstylist. (this could possibly end your relationship with them)
  • Prevent hair damage that could allow you to lose your hair due to breakage. There's a technique to maintaining 4 natural hair and you need to know it.
  • Confidence focused activities that will allow you to focus on what's important when it comes to rocking your natural hair. Learn how to feel free with your new hair strategies and tools.

Optional Bonuses

Hairstyling Session Want to leave the retreat 100% confident, then this bonus is for you. Your choice of a wash n go, or twist out.

Make Up Session (this bonus is based on the number of participants)

Free Solo 10 Minute Photo Shoot Solidify your new look, new you with a 10 minute photo shoot. Professional photos you will remember where you started.

What You'll Discover

A new way to set the stage for your natural hair journey. Without fear!

Black Forest Path

Retreat Host

Lisa E.

Natural Born Sistah

Lisa E., a Hair Mentor and Enthusiast, as well as Founder and Host of the Kinky in The Kitchen Podcast. Since launching her T-shirt brand Natural Born Sistah, she has touched many woman in the stuggle of the ability to embrace their natural hair.

A few years back, she decided to turn her natural hair obsession into a public conversation amongst her guest that interview on the show. Natural Born Sistah was the starting point for her and gave her the idea to expand the natural hair movement into the Podcast.

Although very new in this industry, she comes from several years of research, interviewing guests from around the world as well as a famous celebrity who has formulated and launched her very own product.

She wants to help you achieve the natural hair goals she has achieved to allow her to embrace her gray natural coils with confidnence.

Experts on Board

Jessica Billups

Retreat Manager

Jessica is a big hair advocate and Alumni guest of the Kinky in the Kitchen Podcast. She will manage day to day schedules, requests and be available for any questions you may have regarding your experience at the retreat.

Terence Benjamin

Retreat Driver

He's ready to take us wherever we need to go. Terence is an experienced driver who is known for safety and who is very much on time and ready for any event.

Angie Boyd

Retreat Trichologist

At the retreat you will get the special attention you need with Angie. This is the main event for you hair, and what it's been waiting for.

Gladia Etienne

Retreat Presenter

Gladia is an expert in hair health and growth. Get ready to be amazed to what she is bringing to you as far as hair tips and maintenance.

Deatra Townsend

Retreat Chef

Cheffing up delight for your body and your hair. Dee Dee is known for bringing her best game to any table and as a caterer she never seems to disappoint.

Deluxe Accommodations

Early Bird

Deluxe Double Occupancy

Deluxe Accommodations are per person - Private Bathroom (Limited Availability)



Deluxe Double Occupancy

Deluxe Accommodations are per person - Private Bathroom (Limited Availability)


Early Bird

Deluxe Single Occupancy

Deluxe Accommodations Private Bathroom



Deluxe Single Occupancy

Deluxe Accommodations Private Bathroom


Tower Suite

King Bed Single Occupancy

Deluxe Accommodations Private Bathroom


Fully Catered To Accomodate Lifestyle



Tomatoe and Spinach Omelette

8:00 AM


Omelets, Fresh Fruit, Smoothies, Yogurt, Coffee, Tea and Juices (and optional outside healthy foods)

Korean chicken wings

12:00 PM


Chicken, Salads, Sandwiches

Fish dish - salmon steak and vegetables

6:00 PM


Salmon, Yams, Salads, Fried Chicken (this is a treat) (no red meat retreat or pork)

Stylish Woman with Natural Afro Hair
Young black women dancing in the field

About This Retreat

The Touch & Feel Method. What better way to get the results you need for your natural hair. For most, natural hair is new and for most of us we have no where to go for help with it. Why? Because just like you, they are lost too. Professionals are not used to natural hair, it's that simple. But if you look hard, you will find someone who cares about not only your hair, but the entire you that's built around it.

I researched and found the right people who are committed to invest in your beautiful crown by creating custom analysis that will get you the results you need and desire so that your natural hair can thrive.

Defining the root cause of your hair's consistent struggle is the perfect strategy to get you on the right track to confidently rock your natural hair in confidence. That is what this RETREAT is all about. Taking you to the next level with your hair. Learning new ways to develop and maintain your natural curls correctly the way they were meat to be treated. You will learn new ways to determine which products to use. Learning the way we use mind shifts that bump confidence into your life, into your hair life.

Using the touch and feel method has been missing as natural hair has started to really become popular, even during COVID. But we miss the part where it is important to see and feel the issues that surround our natural hair and create awesome lifestyles around it.

Pack your bag and hang out with other 4 Natural Sistahs who have the same struggles in common. Embracing their Natural Hair with Confidence!

Discover Poconos Fun

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Experience The Poconos

Additional Fun

Woman Drinking Champagne

On The Agenda

Day 1

4PM - Arrival, registration & check-in

5PM - Meet n Greet

6PM - Onboarding Session on what to expect

7PM - Group Dinner

8PM - Wine and Chat

Day 2

8AM - Group Breakfast

10AM - Hair Analysis Appointments (First Group) w/ Angie our onboard Trichologist

12PM - Lunch

11AM - Activities (First Group)

6PM - Group Dinner

Day 3

9AM - Group Breakfast

10AM - Hair Analysis Appointments (Second Group) w/ Angie our onboard Trichologist

12PM - Lunch

1PM - Activities (First Group)

6PM - Group Dinner

7PM - Make-Up Session (pre-registered only)

8PM - Formal Gala Celebration of your Hair Achievements

Day 4

9AM - Group Breakfast

10AM - Photo Shoot (pre-registered only)

10AM - Last minute event testimonials

11AM - Catered Lunch

Hope To See You There!